[Video] The Two Qualities that Made Charlemagne Great

After his death in 814 A.D., Charlemagne’s legacy as a great leader continued to live on as folklore, blurring the line between history and legend. So how did he do it? What qualities did Charlemagne embody that contributed to his success as a leader, ensuring he’d be remembered for centuries to come? Full Transcript CharlemagneContinue reading “[Video] The Two Qualities that Made Charlemagne Great”

On the Proliferation of ‘New History’

Historic literacy has reached all-time lows in the United States. In a recent poll conducted in 2020 and reported on by Forbes, only 15% of 8th-graders scored at or above grade level in the subject of U.S. history. This grim statistic should not surprise anyone who’s paying attention as our culture continuously enforces a mindsetContinue reading “On the Proliferation of ‘New History’”

The Earworm that Rocked the Early Church   

The manipulative power of music is well known to those who have a financial interest in persuasion. Popular jingles like “I’m Lovin’ It” and “Gimme a Break” have been used to sell billions of dollars worth of product through their simple, unforgettable melodies that stay with us whenever we’re deciding where to eat or whatContinue reading “The Earworm that Rocked the Early Church   “

10 Great Libraries of the World

Before the advent of computers, libraries were the preeminent aggregators of human knowledge and art. Besides that of the church, no other building occupies such an exalted station in the opinion of civilized peoples. Libraries attract the curious, humble the studious, challenge the most acute, and foster a rare but welcoming tranquility. The library remainsContinue reading “10 Great Libraries of the World”

Great Books of Christianity: Reformation and Enlightenment

In our third installment of the Great Books of Christianity, we explore the works hailing from one of the most tumultuous times in Christian history: the Reformation. As new forms of Christianity spread throughout the West, theologians on all sides sharpened their pens and duked it out on parchment. The theological battles that raged foreverContinue reading “Great Books of Christianity: Reformation and Enlightenment”

The Uncommon Act, the Moral Arc, and How We Should Consider Historical Figures

In recent years angry protesters across the United States have toppled several statues depicting historical figures from America’s past. Much of this anger is driven by outrage at the atrocities in which these historical figures were involved.  Unfortunately, much of this anger has been targeted at individuals whose contribution to American history isn’t completely negative inContinue reading “The Uncommon Act, the Moral Arc, and How We Should Consider Historical Figures”

Great Books of Christianity: The Early Church

Perhaps no other topic has been written about in the West more than Christianity. In the past 2,000 years, tomes on the faith have been written by kings, monks, prophets, and laymen alike. One might conclude that no other faith has inspired, and been inspired by, great literature quite like Christianity. Therefore, in our nextContinue reading “Great Books of Christianity: The Early Church”

TW on Youtube: Dangers of Democracy

The word “democracy” appears exactly zero times in the United States Constitution. And yet, no form of government is celebrated with the same fervency as democracy. Recently, the phrase “Our Democracy” has been coopted by nearly every politician as an attempt to appeal to the populace’s supposedly unshakeable faith in the voting process. Appeals toContinue reading “TW on Youtube: Dangers of Democracy”

Battles that Defined the West

In today’s hot political climate, it’s popular to suggest that the West is engaged in a battle of epic proportions, one that will determine the future of Western civilization. This battle could be analyzed in cultural, political, or spiritual terms. As of the time of this writing in 2023, we can be thankful that ourContinue reading “Battles that Defined the West”