“The aim of education is wisdom, and each must have the chance to become as wise as he can.”

-Robert Hutchins, The Great Conversation


ThinkingWest aims to revive the “Great Conversation” in our digital age through promoting the study of the great books of the western world, classical approaches to education, and through thoughtful commentary on current events, history, philosophy, culture, education, and religion.

We strive first and foremost to spark an appreciation for the values that built the West. Our content strives for depth and meaning in an era plagued by six second attention spans and clickbait headlines. We challenge ourselves and our readers to read, reflect, and speak out on ideas that matter.

Join us in “thinking west” again.

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Our Review of the Great Books of the Western World Set:

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[Video] Christianity in the Lord of the Rings: The Bad Guys

In this part 3 of a series on Christianity in the Lord of the Rings, I cover the subject of Evil in Middle Earth, including Sauron, the Ring Wraiths, orcs, Saruman, and Gollum. Of course, no symbolic video on the Lord of the Rings would be complete without a breakdown of the symbolism behind the…

[Video] 5 EASY Books of Philosophy

The great books often appear daunting, especially for novice or younger readers. Many of the books are long, containing hundreds of pages or several volumes. Even experienced readers can be turned off from difficult topics like philosophy or theology. Therefore, it is helpful to highlight some of the “easier” classics that may lead one to…

The Earworm that Rocked the Early Church   

The manipulative power of music is well known to those who have a financial interest in persuasion. Popular jingles like “I’m Lovin’ It” and “Gimme a Break” have been used to sell billions of dollars worth of product through their simple, unforgettable melodies that stay with us whenever we’re deciding where to eat or what…

10 Great Libraries of the World

Before the advent of computers, libraries were the preeminent aggregators of human knowledge and art. Besides that of the church, no other building occupies such an exalted station in the opinion of civilized peoples. Libraries attract the curious, humble the studious, challenge the most acute, and foster a rare but welcoming tranquility. The library remains…

Great Books of Christianity: The Modern Era 

The most challenging period in which to select the great books of Christianity is the modern era. The sheer volume of Christian literature produced in the last two centuries makes extracting out  “the best” a difficult task. Moreover, books written closer to the present have not yet been sorted by the harshest critic of all:…


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9 thoughts on “Home

  1. What a beautiful photograph and perspective you brought to having a home and family with our Lord! Beautiful perspective on what has happened to Christianity with regard to families and our culture these days! People were lulled into being titillated and mesmerized by technology and people starting trusting in man and materialism to a fault and are abandoning God their only hope of being saved from eternal damnation. Even myself thinking I was always a pretty good Christian now realized I was still diluting my faith with a sprinkle of this or that and even self-ego that I can do OK; sort of giving myself license to sin a little which we all do but, consciously inviting it in a sense, which is not putting one’s whole heart into loving Jesus our Savior! I see now that true repentance and devotional faith; that we are at least trying our best to improve each day is required of us, and we can’t be lukewarm as Scripture tells us so plainly! On Calvary I see how by that best of all examples as our Lord was actually here and finalizing His new and everlasting covenant on that cross, so the despots or fools who lived in sin were being crucified along each side of him but the one that had been cold to seeking our heavenly Father, seeing Jesus the Savior, had his own great epiphany talking to Jesus as they were dying and became hot for truth, and through his humble contrite heart at that juncture, he was saved as Jesus told him, “Verily I say to you today, you will be in paradise with Me.” I feel it’s pretty obvious we must be close to the end time and hopefully more people are going to awaken before it’s too late! God Bless You and Yours.

    1. Thanks so much Lawrence! I was also lukewarm (and am still “warming up”) for Christ in many ways until just a few years ago. I still have a long way to go and continue to struggle in many ways. But, the trajectory is upwards!

      1. Absolutely you’re welcome Christian! Can identify and the only way worth going of course is up so knowing that I figure I better try a helluva lot better if I’m capable! My mother was always saying God only asks that we try our best, see words of wisdom there because Jesus knows our heart perfectly and will know if we did our best in spite of the sins and failures He will know if we are one of His! We are either for Him or against Him, plain and simple! God Bless.

  2. Hello,
    I’m Theoretician, Master Philosopher, Environ-Mental Profiler, founder of the NGO ANOTOW (Another Tomorrow), and I’m also the CEO of Square-BiZ…
    I can provide you sensitive information…
    And for some, a real global statement about Ukraine war I provided to some nations’ governments…
    Have a good day.

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