Great Books of Christianity: Reformation and Enlightenment

In our third installment of the Great Books of Christianity, we explore the works hailing from one of the most tumultuous times in Christian history: the Reformation. As new forms of Christianity spread throughout the West, theologians on all sides sharpened their pens and duked it out on parchment. The theological battles that raged foreverContinue reading “Great Books of Christianity: Reformation and Enlightenment”

Great Books of Christianity: The Early Church

Perhaps no other topic has been written about in the West more than Christianity. In the past 2,000 years, tomes on the faith have been written by kings, monks, prophets, and laymen alike. One might conclude that no other faith has inspired, and been inspired by, great literature quite like Christianity. Therefore, in our nextContinue reading “Great Books of Christianity: The Early Church”

TW on YouTube: Christianity in The Lord of the Rings (part 1: The Threefold Office)

Despite numerous attempts to discredit the Christian elements in the Lord of the Rings, Tolkien himself admits his greatest work is indeed a Christian, even a Catholic, work. Here, I revisit an old video topic and cover the priest, prophet, and king elements in the figures of Frodo, Gandalf, and Aragorn. More videos on otherContinue reading “TW on YouTube: Christianity in The Lord of the Rings (part 1: The Threefold Office)”

TW on YouTube: 3 Reasons You Should Own Physical Books in the Digital Age

In our most recent Youtube video, we break down why, in an age of online censorship, you should consider owning physical literature as opposed to using digital readers like Kindle.   Our aim has always been to spark interest in the classics and challenge our readers to delve into these works by whatever method suitsContinue reading “TW on YouTube: 3 Reasons You Should Own Physical Books in the Digital Age”

Battles that Defined the West

In today’s hot political climate, it’s popular to suggest that the West is engaged in a battle of epic proportions, one that will determine the future of Western civilization. This battle could be analyzed in cultural, political, or spiritual terms. As of the time of this writing in 2023, we can be thankful that ourContinue reading “Battles that Defined the West”

ThinkingWest’s Top 5 Reads of 2022

2022 has been an excellent year for ThinkingWest. We’ve grown our Youtube channel, multiplied our view counts, and increased our social media presence. These metrics are helpful because it shows the great support we’ve received from those that have made it all possible: our ThinkingWest readers. However it’s easy to get caught up in metricsContinue reading “ThinkingWest’s Top 5 Reads of 2022”

Exploring the Oldest Christmas Carols

With the arrival of Advent season and the anticipation of Christmas arriving soon, decorations are taken out of storage, dusted off, and excitedly placed around our homes. Lights are strung around our trees, houses, and towns, illuminating the darkest time of the year with all the glory that modern LED technology can provide, while nativityContinue reading “Exploring the Oldest Christmas Carols”

Tytler’s Cycle of Civilizations

In our recent article Dangers of Democracy we briefly touched on Tytler’s Cycle of Civilizations, named after Scottish historian and writer Alexander Fraser Tytler. The cycle is described in the quote below: “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselvesContinue reading “Tytler’s Cycle of Civilizations”

Pertinax and Politics: One Good Leader Cannot Save a Nation

Election season is well underway in the United States with the midterm elections ending just days away. The United States has always been a country of sweeping emotions, whether of the brave spirits of the pilgrims, or of the freedom-loving cowboys of the West, or of college football fandom, or of the citizen entering theContinue reading “Pertinax and Politics: One Good Leader Cannot Save a Nation”

How 3 Royal Saints Walked the Narrow Path to Heaven 

In the Gospel of Matthew, a rich man asks Jesus how he can enter the kingdom of heaven. Disappointed in Jesus’ answer, he turns away in sorrow, instead desiring to hold onto his great wealth. Later in the chapter, Jesus reiterates the difficult path that the rich face in entering Christ’s kingdom: “Then Jesus saidContinue reading “How 3 Royal Saints Walked the Narrow Path to Heaven “

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