A Crash Course in Western Church Architecture

I recently posted about the need to return to traditional church architecture. In this post, I’d like to explain exactly what is traditional church architecture in the West, using a cathedral to illustrate each aspect. The design of a traditional cathedral is theologically based and instructive in the Faith. Though beautiful, its construction is notContinue reading “A Crash Course in Western Church Architecture”

Threads of History: Louis IX and the 7th Crusade

Saint King Louis IX, jewel of the Capetian Dynasty, was the model Christian king. Living a life of chivalry and piety, his adventurous life culminated in his leadership of the 7th Crusade. The incredible, yet tragic, excursion would forever influence Christendom’s view of holy war. Many admirers regard Louis as the ideal Christian ruler –Continue reading “Threads of History: Louis IX and the 7th Crusade”

[Video] The Two Qualities that Made Charlemagne Great

After his death in 814 A.D., Charlemagne’s legacy as a great leader continued to live on as folklore, blurring the line between history and legend. So how did he do it? What qualities did Charlemagne embody that contributed to his success as a leader, ensuring he’d be remembered for centuries to come? Full Transcript CharlemagneContinue reading “[Video] The Two Qualities that Made Charlemagne Great”

On the Proliferation of ‘New History’

Historic literacy has reached all-time lows in the United States. In a recent poll conducted in 2020 and reported on by Forbes, only 15% of 8th-graders scored at or above grade level in the subject of U.S. history. This grim statistic should not surprise anyone who’s paying attention as our culture continuously enforces a mindsetContinue reading “On the Proliferation of ‘New History’”

[Video] Montaigne’s Blueprint for Education

Who better to inquire about education than a famed 16th century nobleman who inscribed excerpts of wisdom on the wooden beams of his library? Michel Eyquem de Montaigne (often called simply “Montaigne”) authored the heavily influential Essays, an outpouring of his natural philosophies, and had much to say on education. Check out the video below.Continue reading “[Video] Montaigne’s Blueprint for Education”

Cathedral Building for Dummies: The Need for Traditional Churches

The towering spires, intricate masonry, and ornate stained-glass windows of a gothic cathedral attest to the vast sums of money and human labor required to construct it. The sheer opulence of such a building reflects a bygone society obsessed with power, authority, and beauty. The smallest details were painstakingly etched into stone, wood, and glass despiteContinue reading “Cathedral Building for Dummies: The Need for Traditional Churches”

[Video] Christianity in the Lord of the Rings: Creation, Lembas, and Beyond

Middle Earth is full of characters exhibiting Christian symbolism through their words, actions, and relationships, as covered in Parts I, II, and III of this series on Christianity in The Lord of the Rings. However, the Christian symbolism extends beyond characters to include objects and places. Already, the Ring was covered in Part III dueContinue reading “[Video] Christianity in the Lord of the Rings: Creation, Lembas, and Beyond”

[Video] Christianity in the Lord of the Rings: The Bad Guys

In this part 3 of a series on Christianity in the Lord of the Rings, I cover the subject of Evil in Middle Earth, including Sauron, the Ring Wraiths, orcs, Saruman, and Gollum. Of course, no symbolic video on the Lord of the Rings would be complete without a breakdown of the symbolism behind theContinue reading “[Video] Christianity in the Lord of the Rings: The Bad Guys”

[Video] 5 EASY Books of Philosophy

The great books often appear daunting, especially for novice or younger readers. Many of the books are long, containing hundreds of pages or several volumes. Even experienced readers can be turned off from difficult topics like philosophy or theology. Therefore, it is helpful to highlight some of the “easier” classics that may lead one toContinue reading “[Video] 5 EASY Books of Philosophy”